Glasnevin N.S. Parents Association

Mission Statement

The purpose of the parents association shall be to provide a structure through which the parents / guardians of children attending Glasnevin National School can work together for the best possible education for their children. The parents’ council shall work with the students, principal, teachers, and board of management to build an effective partnership between home and school.

A high level of parental involvement is a feature of our school.
We appreciate the involvement and support of parents.
Parents are invited to become involved in the school in many ways:

  • Serving on school bodies – Board of Management or Parents’ Association
  • Policy making
  • Organising fundraising and social events
  • Catering at school events
  • Supervision on school trips
  • Sharing skills and talents eg. arts and crafts or a talk / workshop on a particular area of expertise.  Parents are invited to let the teachers know of skills they can share with the children
  • Attending assemblies, concerts, church services, sports, etc.
  • Attending educational meetings organised through the school
  • Attending parent / teacher meetings (formal parent / teacher once a year and other meetings at the request of either parents or teachers)