Waterways Ireland bring all Senior Classes on a Tour of our Local Canal  –

This year as part of our Science Blast project, we were very lucky to have to guest speakers from Waterways Ireland come to our school. We entered two projects based on the Royal Canal in this year’s Science Blast competition. 5th and 6th class looked at ‘What impact are humans having on the natural environment of the Royal Canal?’ and 3rd and 4th focused on ‘What food chains can be identified along a section of the Royal canal?’. As we wanted to learn more about the project, we contacted Waterways Ireland for some help. Manus who came all the way from Carrick on Shannon and Eamonn who travelled from Co. Clare, were full of fantastic information about the canal. We walked to the canal with them. We gathered at the canal and we talked through what we might expect to see on our walk along the canal. Eamonn had some wonderful pictures of various wildlife he had spotted previously on the canal and he told us some amazing facts. Then we walked along the canal together, learning as we walked. We would also like to thank Fiona Cooper for her help in identifying the plants in the canal. Everyone really enjoyed the project.